Ok so this is your official "Save Ben 10" thread.

I'm talking about saving the show, NOT this site! We will Never go offline with Ben10Toys.net, not without a fight!

So leave a comment and a like if you want to save Ben 10, which you probably do since you are hanging out here.

Also lets start using the hashtag: #SaveBen10

I promise I will show this page to Dave, the Ben 10 man at Bandai, and to the Cartoon Network people.

This photo is one of my first ever pics of Ben 10 toys. Its from the Hong Kong Toy Fair, January 2006. That is the first wave of Ben 10 toys ever made in the history of the universe!

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I'm actually against saving the show. I've lost interest in it so I don't care what happens to it.

i care bloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so should you!

Ben 10 is dead. I've moved on to better things.

well i have not im going to bring the show back!!!!!!!!!! or else

Whatever. Do whhatever you want, I don't really care. Also, learn to use the reply button.

i already have bloo


It's actually the 1st and 2nd wave of ben 10 figures. Sorry i had to correct you it bugged me lol. Anyway I've been watching since i was 6 and im now 15. You can do the math. I love the show, the figures, te way it was a part of life. What ever theyre doing with the remake, it can't be as good as the original 4, but ill give it a shot

Hey! Congratulations to ALL you loyal fans for SAVING Ben 10! Because of you, they are bringing back the series.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Cartoon Network looked at the three pages, 721 views, and 10 likes on this thread and said "wow we better listen to the fans!" haha

Anyway fun times start next fall 2016, but before then, we got a lot to talk about, and speculate about!

Man, that picture is bringing back memories, I need to try and replace some of my old OS Stuff, if I recall, I had all 14 of the first OS Figures, before they started the "Battle Versions" with the DNA Lab codes and stands.

BEN10 forever !!


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