Ok so this is your official "Save Ben 10" thread.

I'm talking about saving the show, NOT this site! We will Never go offline with Ben10Toys.net, not without a fight!

So leave a comment and a like if you want to save Ben 10, which you probably do since you are hanging out here.

Also lets start using the hashtag: #SaveBen10

I promise I will show this page to Dave, the Ben 10 man at Bandai, and to the Cartoon Network people.

This photo is one of my first ever pics of Ben 10 toys. Its from the Hong Kong Toy Fair, January 2006. That is the first wave of Ben 10 toys ever made in the history of the universe!

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Yeah, let's bring it back in time for it's 10th anniversary!  #SaveBen10

Also tell Dave I said hi. :D


Ben 10 is my life! I want it back!

Bring it back!

Let's do this!  #SaveBen10

Nice of you to come out with the initiative, Stu :) Let's save Ben 10.

Hi Dave and CN peeps \o/


I stand with Stu



It's still relevent over here in the UK (We're just now getting the Mad Ben 2-parter), but the toys are slowly phasing out, going for £3 for a 4" figure in Smyths.

Someone get Derrick J Wyatt involved. He's a unique artist.

He already said multiple times he wouldn't want to work on Ben 10 again.

Not to mention that he's kind of a douche.


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