So hi. I decided to post about Thundercats, because I heard that Thundercats is being cancelled. Cartoon Network revealed in a recent press conference a list of upcoming and returning shows. In the returning shows I was relieved to see Clone Wars, Young Justice, Green Lantern, Regular Show, and Adventure time, but I didn't see Thundercats. I'm hoping it's because that the season will end probably around mid to late this year (they'll probably go on hiatus before the season ends) and then will be on hiatus until the end of the year, and season two will air in 2013. Speculation also comse from the fact that Bandai didn't reveal much at Toyfair. A) They did reveal the second wave AND a new vehicle, and B) Banda had a LOT of series to showcase, and Thundercats is new and probably not their biggest. They probably saved their biggest slot for Omniverse. However, I'm still paranoid. I seriousl hope the show doesn't end- it's doing pretty well, I think. And it's one of the better shows on Cartoon Network. I mean, they canned Generator Rex, Symbionic Titan, and Batman: TBATB, all of which were great, and non deserved to be cancelled, so I wouldn't put i past CN to cancel Thundercats. Luckily Young Justice is one of their biggest shows, so that one won't end for a while. But what do you few Thundercats fans here think? Will it be cancelled? Should it be cancelled? If you haven't seen the show, I suggest you go and watch it. It's a bit corny and cliche at times, but it's really good overall.

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It hasn't premiered in Australia yet. Wow. We didn't get Sym-Bionic Titan either

no, Thundercats premier on australia, but it didn't come up long, it got cancelled

Wait, I thought The Brave and the Bold ended, not cancelled?

Nah, it got cancelled... sort of. CN told the writers and producers that they had one more season, then it was getting yanked. So they ended with an episode with Batmite trying to deliberately get the show cancelled. It was enjoyable, but it was a bummer series finale.

I seriously hope I'm wrong. Because Thundercats is a thing of pure beauty.

Thundercats isnt canceled.  They have a contract for 2 seasons of 26 episodes, the only thing that changed is, they are now doing 4 seasons of 13 episodes instead.

do you know how they are going to do the DVDs? I just picked up volume 2, so i have the fist 16 episodes.

everyone knows that clone wars is done after 5 seasons, geore only wanted 100 episodes. so let's get off that one for a little while a promote something else.

He never said "Adventure Time needs to die" is how things work, he said it as an opinion, which I just so happen to agree with.

It's weird.

Whether he said it was a fact or not it was still an opinion.

Also, the fact that it would hurt CN is an opinion, because it is an opinion that it would hurt its presence in people's minds... and also because it was an opinion that invented currency!!!


Anyway, my point isn't that it should die, I just said I agree that it isn't that good.

I agree on Johnny Test and MAD, but Adventure Time has to stay.

And it's #1 because people like it, not because people leave their TVs on. If that's true, then it must be true for Regular Show as well because Regular Show comes on RIGHT after Adventure Time. That and the amount of viewers decreases greatly after Adventure Time goes off.

You have no idea how TV works, do you? Shows don't get cancelled because Cartoon Metwork decides "Hey, this show's interrupting Adventure Time. It's done." no, they get cancelled if they're not doing well. I loved Generator Rex and Symbionic Titan, but I never heard anyone but you guys on this websote talk about them. Thundercats is doing extremely well, and Young Justice is considered by most to be better than Justice League and one of the greatest cartoons out there. So I doubt either will be cancelled any time soon. Chances are Thundercats will be on hiatus during the time period that the press conference covered. And like LA said, Adventure Time does well because Adventure Time is amazing.


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