So for you all who are interested, I found HyperAlien Vulkanus today. Sadly, at Walmart. I already broke my resolution.

But is this news? I know we've known about HA Vulkanus for a while, but has anyone else seen him in stores? Whatevs, I don't care. I'm posting this anyways.

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I really don't pay attention to the HA figures, but I am pretty sure I've seen Vulcanus before.  Hey,  if its the first time you saw him and it brings you joy, awesome

THANK YOU for being cool about it and not saying "Old News"

I did.


I haven't seen any Hyper Aliens in stores except at Rite Aid I saw Vilgax.  If he's still there I might get him sometime.

Guess who ordered it before all of you. It's obvious. (NOT ME)

I have one person in mind...
I tried not to brag. Honest to god 

"I thynk I orderd it 2 yrs ago"

INB4 that^ is made a comment

I ordered it 3. Get it right

Wait, I feel so dumb right now. Is that sarcasm? Because if not, you were absolutely NOT who I was talking about.

I dunnp. My mind is pathetic >./p>

LOL It was sarcasm.


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