New trailers for what will likely be the two best films of the summer came out. Anyways, let's talk about them.

Star Trek Into Darkness:

This is now our fifth and final trailer for STID, and by far the best. The only problem is that my hunger for Star Trek footage was filled  in March, when we already got two. Had this trailer come out before those two, it would have blown my mind. Either way, it's still awesome, and we finally know how big a threat Benedict Cumberbactch's character really is.


Man of Steel



I thought that the trailer we got in December was awesome, this is just mind-blowing. This trailer now bumped up Man of Steel from being my second mot anticipated film of the summer to first, where I previously put Star Trek. Man, this movie looks like the PERFECT Superman film. I originally feared they were gonna make the film to dark, and hoped that it wouldn't be campy like Superman Returns. Thankfully it's the perfect tone. Not too dark, but dark enough for the stakes to be high. This film looks like it'll be like how Superman would be in the real world.

Anyways, those are just my two cents. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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The Man of Steel trailer looks fucking amazing! l've seen it more than 10 times, and it never got old! As for Star Trek, its okay. l'm not a Star Trek fan anyway.

The only movie I'm looking forward to now is the Godzilla reboot


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