im sad (and i wish cancer had a cure)

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Who Crapped In Your Corn Flakes Gosh

Well I did it twice and about to be 3 times

how, god, you're almost as bad as hector.

I know, right?

ned you are a jerk this guy is probably telling the truth

Who, Heir of Breath (LA)?  That's who Ned was replying to.

A total example of how rudely depressing you are.

This guy says "I wish there was a cure" because he's sad and you start going on and on about how it's a false hope to want a cure, and how hard it will be to make a cure, etc.

Plus, they already have experimental cures for certain cancers.

shut the hell up, kemo advancing at the rate it is will irradicate tumors entirley!


Heartless shmuck!

Woah woah, wait, you expect people on this website to be informed before they go and make a ridiculous accusation? 

god dang that sucks.

I'm sorry dude.

thats horrible! D: sorry about that dude

Sorry man


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