Thank you for contacting

We appreciate your interest in Generator Rex toys! Unfortunately, we
cannot confirm a release date for new Generator Rex toys. Please keep
checking the website for updates on availability. At this time, we do
not have plans of making toys based off the Generator Rex/Ben 10
crossover series.

If there is anything that we can further assist with, please do not
hesitate to give us a call at the number listed below.

Thanks again for contacting us. We look forward to assisting you again


Ian D.
The Customer Service Team
1-888-7Mattel (762-8835)
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! | Delivering play, every day!

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aww no crossover toys but i really wanted an upgrade rex toy

Blast. Guess imma make a custom Upgrade Rex

nightmare, if you want any advice on the custom, let me know.  While my customs arent the best, I can at least point you in the right direction.   I just checked out a pic of Upgrade Rex and I can give you some quick advice.


use a figure that comes with either the slam cannon or the BFS.  The deluxe evo set.  I know there was a varient that wasnt in the regular rex outfit, i think it was a providence suit rex.  Dremel down the armor, paint black, and decoupage the lines on.  Should work.

I was gonna get the one that comes with the vehicle. Theyre clearing them out at winners for $5

basically guys, that means they are being polite and saying that it is canceled without saying it.  If they showed something at toyfair, it would mean the toys are still coming out.  but the show is ending and the toys probably arent coming out... 

(good side) R.I.P. Generator Rex. (bad side) Oh well I'm moving on

Wow, It's a Gimmick

Mattel didn't even release a single Gen.Rex toy in my country :(
Pssst... This discussion is from 5 months ago. Pass it on.

LOL I had no clue till you said that XD I thought it was recent.

Lol, me too.


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