I dunno how old this news is or what but tada:

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It's a little old. Not too old.

I havent seen it, it's still a little new

Yeah, Derrick posted it a few weeks ago or so. Of course, it hasn't been in any of the episodes yet, so technically it's new.

I'm not of a fan of the fact that Kenny is STILL a clone of Ben (not literally of course) but he's only a little cameo so whatever

Okay...awesome :D


Where'd you get that?

Derrick posted it on formspring a few weeks ago. If I'm not mistaken, he put it up in response to one of AXC/LA/Back for the Finale's (see like 4 comments above) questions.

So we can all thank him for that.

It wasn't me. The last thing I got was a Lodestar from RtF. It was some dude. It's usually some dude's answers that get magic responses rather than the regulars, surprisingly.

Oh well never mind then!

But Lodestar is pretty fantastic so..,


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