So I was thinking about this ever since I saw Mystery Incorpereal. That Omniverse is trying to re-establish the original Ben 10,000 timeline. Gwen preferring to be called Gwendolyn, And the charms of Bez-el somehow being brought back. Despite being destroyed in the original series. Then in And then there was none, We see Ben 10,000 again has Kenny as a son. AND in Weapon XL Part 2, Kevin gets the scars on his chin that his future self has in Ken 10. (So he's going to turn evil again and get sent to the null void, most likely) BTW Gwen will probobly be Devlin's mom. Just sayin.

Anyways I thought about it and ever since omniverse started, It seems like they're trying to undo alot of what alien force and ultimate alien did. And re-enforce things from the original series.

  • Ultimate Ben 10,000 is no longer Ben's future self
  • Most of the ailens shown are from the original or omniverse series
  • Ben breaking up with Julie
  • No Eunice or Primus
  • The amalgam kids just showing up NOW!?!?!?!  Its like the last season of Omniverse and they havent appeared since alien force!
  • It seems like alot of alien force or ultimate alien villains have hardly appeared. Except Albedo, Psyhon, Incurseans and Vreedles, (But except for Albedo they all seem like lesser villains.

Just a theory I've had.

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I'd say rather than specifically retconning UAF, they're just working towards the original Ben 10,000.

Also, Ultimate Ben and Primus were stupid.


No they were not

Good UAF was horrible in my opinion

true dat

And Omniverse is good? Lol k then

Please tell me where did I say Omniverse was good?

You're obviously implying that UAF sucks and OV was good.

OV = DJW's opinions being implemented

It literally stopped being canon when ben recreated the universe.

In its defence, every so often theres a pretty good episode of OV.
No i was implying that the original series is still the best

yes, dwayne's wife and closest friend, who were also heavily involved in uaf, and are major players in ov, are totally trashing his hard work.


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