I hardly see any posts on this site any more. Most of the members on here have been inactive for years, If you are still here, please tell me your thoughts on this: is there any hope left for this site?

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it's clearly a booming industry here at ben10toys.net


Yeah, one of our biggest exports is eye-rolls and sarcasm.


What does that have to do with the topic?

There is no hope whatsoever for this site.

i agree

Feet? That you, buddy?

hell yeah, kinda hard to believe i posted on this site in 2018, but hey, here i am posting in 2019 it's lit. Prob gonna forget all about this by tomorrow, see you in 2020 lmao

I check back every now and then. Might make a discord for all the old timers here soon.

That would be cool.


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