If you could change anything about Ben 10, what would it be?

Things I'd change:
1. Less childish and goofy stuff
2. The redesigns for characters/aliens like Echo Echo and Ditto
3. More voice actors
4.The Omnitrix would remain on Ben's aliens' chest.
5. Omniverse would be a tad bit more serious.
6. The transformations would would last a bit longer
7. Underused aliens used more.
8. Overused aliens used less.
9. Ben would shout out the name of his aliens after transforming
10. The Halloween Trio would've always have their new names.
11. The villains' schemes wouldn't be so goofy.
12. More appearances from characters and villains like Kai, Lieutenant Steel and Vulkanus.
13. Vilgax would be more scary like in the original series and Alien Force and would regain his abilities from Alien Force.
14. The universe wouldn't never got destroyed.
15. The Forever Knights never would've died and be up to all sort of mischief.
16. Will Harangue never wouldn't turned into a alien.
17. As oppose to #2, the entire franchise would be using the "Generator Rex" animation
18. Heatblast, XLR8, Ripjaws, Snare-oh and Way Big would get their old voices back

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Ooo...that's actually a good list. (save for the "No Rook" part)
  1. More Swampfire
  2. More XLR8 
  3. More Chromastone 
  4. Bring Jetray Back
  5. Ben shout out his name of his aliens again 
  6. Generator Rex Animation 
  7. More appearances from Villains like VIlgax and Albedo
  8. More Ben23 
  9. More Ester 
  10. More Ben 10,000


won't cartoon network give vilgax his own show already?

this should be interesting:
make vilgax the main character
make gaben, shrek, billy lary and the swaggy 7 main characters
more vilgaxia
no ben
more of psyphon's humorous jams
make vilphon cannon
introduce vilgax's son as a main character in the final 
introduce Evil Shockcock as a main villain in the season final.

...whoops. i meant to say evil shocksquatch 


Bring in new aliens like Rocks, Squidstrictor, Snakepit, & Sandbox 


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