Does anybody know where i can get Ben 10 Omniverse :

Water Hazard

Big Chill



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ebay is the only place you'll find them at this point. I actually have all of those coming in the mail except bullfrag since I already have him. btw your probably never gonna find bullfrag cause hes beyond rare and I got lucky but paid an arm and a leg for him. check out my pics and youll see some of the new stuff ive added to my collection

I saw Diamondhead and Waterhazard at you can try there.

I have Water Hazard, Astrodactyl and Big CHill for sale  check out my post

The only Ben 10 Omniverse figures that I need are Big Chill, Astrodactyl, Ghostfreak, Snare Oh and Frankenstrike

Swampfire, PM me and check out my for sale page.  I have Big Chill and Astrodactyl for sale for reasonable prices

i got all the bullfrags


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