Howdy, it's been too long!

I've recently become employed and FINALLY have money, and I'm no good with money. I immediately went and bought tons of toys when I got a terrible idea- I should try and find some of the many Omniverse figures I never saw. I found a fantastic Aussie man who was selling Big Chill, Snare-Oh and Max SHIPPED for like 30 bucks. I could have lived without Max, but Big Chill and Snare-Oh were my two most wanted, and I could only find them individually for like 40 bucks each at least. So I think it was a pretty bangin' deal I got. BUT that was a mistake because my appetite is now whetted. I won't see those three until early next month, but I'm trying to find more figures that aren't absolutely jacked up in price. Does anyone know of a website or eBay seller or ANYTHING for me to look to to find some of the later OV figures at a decent price? Like 20 bucks is my absolute maximum for an individual 4", and that's kind of pushing it. Specifically I'd absolutely love the Humungousaur and Tyrannopede Hyperaliens and the Ghostfreak 4", but really, any alien figure is awesome.

And also if any of you have a store nearby that sells them, if you'd be willing to ship them PROBABLY to another country I can set up a paypal and pay you for that, if I can figure out the currency conversion and all of that. I'd love you all forever. 

ANYWHO how are you all? Are any of you oldies still here? Nightmare, AXC, Harry, Cheatster? I saw the new reboot and I can't say I'm excited... I've been spoiled by Omniverse, which I severely miss by the way... can't complain though, we got 80 episodes. Speaking of which, does anyone know if it'll ever come to Netflix?

Okay I'm done, I promise I'll try and check back often and not disappear for 2 years again

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There's a non-chain toy store near my place that still has really old toys for sale for cheap, like a lot UAF and Omniverse toys going for their original release price and the 1990's TMNT toys still in its packaging for about $15 each. The person who runs it is probably really dumb or really generous.

Lucky! I'm in the heart of LA, you'd be lucky to find anything that's not a chain within like 50 miles. It's ridonkulous

About a year ago, my dad went to a non-chain convenience store and saw a Ben 10 toy.
He came home and described it to me.
It was freaking Stinkfly.

He didn't buy it.

-single tear-

Glad ya remember me :')

Check, alot of the new figures hit out dollar stores and eBay sellers stocked up. Except Bullfrag and Upchuck. It'll be a cold day in hell before I find those, ugh.


I will check it out! Just found this guy I always order from selling Grasshopper, NRG, Toepick and Humungousaur all factory loose but like 6 bucks each shipped. So I was happy to find that.

And I thought I was going crazy because I couldn't find Bullfrag or Upchuck ANYWHERE. Same goes for the Walkatrout, Pesky Dust, Ball Weevil and Molestache minis. Man I wish I could find those. And the Humungousaur and Tyrannopede HyperAliens for a decent price. I'm not dropping 75 on those!!

I don't think any of the minis were ever released...kind of sad cause I could go for them. Humongo HyperAliens actually made it to the states however, and I believe I saw it on Amazon for decent not to long ago.

Yeah, I thought so. I couldn't find them, even for a ridiculous price. Which really sucks, because I was SO excited for them! And fer realz? I'll have to keep an eye open, I've been hoping for a Humungo HA since the line was announced!

Maybe BigLots would have one? I recall finding one in Target before the line was taken out.

I'm still kickin.

How are you surviving, man? It seems so... dead! I remember this place was abuzz with mirth and now it's kinda like the survivors scrounging together after the apocalypse. That apocalypse was, of course, the cancellation of the toys and the end of Ben 10. hopefully the new show brings new faces in and keeps the site alive. I'd love to be have stuff to talk about back here.

I've found some really good prices on eBay that's where I've gotten all my newer charactersclike malware crashhopper big chill snare oh grandpa max toe pick. I hope to get even more


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