Well. I never thought I'd be back here. I've tried time and time again to bring back the fire that used to burn in this website. Sadly, the community has grown up and forgotten about this place. So had I. I started here. This was my first internet experience. Meeting these people and having these adventures with other people. These communications and relationships. It kills me to think that I might never get the chance to know these people again. Isn't that wild? You speak to people over the internet for years of your early childhood and then never again. These friends you make, just gone. They have families now. Jobs. They've graduated. I'm going to graduate. It's surreal. And yet I'm back here. And if you are reading this right now, you are too. So I implore you all to take some time and check out this discord server that I made to commemorate ben10toys.net and all that it meant in my life.

Invite Linkhttps://discord.gg/hceVhjf

Thanks for your time, keeping moving forward.

-The Ray

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Thanks for your post.

Do your best in school!

I joined the site when i was 12, now i'm 15. I've had many user names, but this one , the name of my channel is the one i'm keeping. I've known about this site since i was 7! This site along with Stu's reviews are still apart of my ongoing child hood.

Its really epic! Also one more thing.......


I agree with everything you said.

Yes, Finally someone on here who loves AO just like me!

I still check out the site from time to time. I spent lots of time on the chat here back in the day, and I miss those days. 

Where's Cole? I want to kick him.

Violence is never the answer, boyo.

I'm still angry that Stu made you a mod instead of me. What a joke.

What school are you graduating from? Dingus University?

Delete ur account.

I just recently joined ben10toys.net, and I love it!

I was a Teen when I started here. Don't remember the age. I'm 22 now. CN isn't like it was. 


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