So... is anyone else really disappointed with the design of the new deluxe Omnitrix or is it just me...?

I'm curious, let me know!

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It's probably the best thing we've gotten since the original Omnitrix toys, we finally got something that has the diamond shape and everything.

Well while I do agree with you on the side of the diamond shape. I feel like this was a downgrade in terms of size and faithfulness to the show's design.

I'm sure by now they could have come up with something to build upon the original Omnitrix design, I know this is a different company and all making these but you have to admit, the bulky size and not so detailed paint job kind of feel like a cheapout/downgrade.

In my opinion, they should have tried their best to make it more of a gauntlet as the Omnitrix at this stage actually is and then go from there. I'm sure toy making technology has improved since 2007 in some capacity, right?

I'm pretty sure, I mean remember this is also the first Ben 10 series in ages, and so far the audience seems like a big balance of like and extreme hate.

They've improved the figures significantly it seems, aside from the paint they've been using for some figures, but with the bonus articulation it does seem we've gotten an improvement over the years since the OS-AF days.

I'm hoping eventually with whatever future series we get, we'll get better Omnitrixes soon. But I think the design is like this because they want the button to glow as well.

The figures I don't have a problem with tbh, they look like they came straight out of the screen so I'm fine with them. 

These may be gripes I have based on what I remember collecting when I was younger and since I don't collect them anymore this may be what I've noticed through videos and images so yeah..

You're probably right, I can see more Omnitrixes of this variety being released but more upgraded versions, etc.

Plus, we're finally getting figures of Kraab and Hex, and most importantly, ANIMO! I've been waiting for an Animo figure for 12 years...


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