Here is here page:

She also left a comment on my page if ya wanna check it out.It is stating that she is Anita.First,Jolaz came back.NOW ANITA!

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Great, and there's already a victim

If you look on here page it shows the people that fell for her tricks.Poor kids.

what does she do?

She wants your adress and stuff.

No one share information.

Jolaz is cool now. And i know anita is a creeper but what epic battled ensued last time she was here?

Not a battle.She tricked people into giving away their location for her to kidnap them.Stealing their account and using them for other tricks.So if you find the comment stating to "email me" and "I love you".Don't fall for it!

how'd she get deleted? and also did she successfully kidnap anybody?

Lawl she/he couldn't kidnap you at all. I don't think She/he would go worlwide just to kidnap a child...

People do, you naive ninny.

Anita is a creeper? Quick! Build a shelter before it's night.


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