Grown Ups 2 is gonna make more money than Pacific Rim.....

According to early tracking, Grown Ups 2 is tracking better than Pacific Rim. If you don't understand this, it basically means that there's more people who want to see Adam Sandler and friends in a swimming pool than Pacific Rim.

You read that right, more people want to see this:

Than this:


Yes. That's right.

So yeah, if tracking is right, then you're more likely to see a poster for Grown Ups 3 than Pacific Rim 2 in the coming years at the cineplex. It's just like when the great Scott Pilgrim vs the World made less money than Expendables and 'Eat, Pray, Love', or when Dredd failed to make $50 million. Worldwide. Which is 1/5 of how much Resident Evil 5 made worldwide.

So yeah, Adam Sandler will keep churning out crap sequels. And there's nothing we can do, because even if we boycott this crap, and see Pacific Rim 16 times opening weekend, it'll still flop, and make maybe half as much as the atrocity known as Grown Ups 2.


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Why do you find this so amazing? These are only predictions btw, they won't know this for sure until ticket sales start coming in. Also i don't see whats amazing about The Expendables beating Scott Pilgrim either, it wasn't that popular of a manga series and i doubt it if hardly anyone knew about it before the film. The Expendables was incredibly advertised, being it had all these famous actors in it so of course a ton of people went to see it in theaters.

I so want to see pacific rim

this further proves his point

nobody gives a flying fuck

Simply an example of the common stupidity of the human race.

From what I've seen, most people hated the movie, anyway.


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