The participants are..


Chris X


Cyber 10


Noah 10


Perplex Dimension X


The Hero Generation


Ren 10


Zen 10



The Ray: Total Mayhem

Ned 10

Len 10

Participants are supposed to upload one episode



Uploading method: Create a discussion with your episode on it, the episode may be brand new or an aired episode, on the title of the episode, put FFC Voting participant before the episode name 


Example; FFC Voting Participant: Zen 10: 10 in a row


At the end of the episode, pls include 'Vote for me'


Voting system is used, the one with the highest number of votes wins!


Contest ends 15th of Feburary 2012

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The Ray Total Mayham S01 E1 Meeting with the Future(pilot episode)

Ray, follow the rules
Excuse me but I have recently examined your previous blog, and, one of the people gave me an out-of-site link to “Ben 10 Fan Fiction”, this site is a Wikia site, and I noticed that site is all about “Fan Fiction” stories.

You might to scan through the stories. Though, the grammar of Ned 10 and The Hero Generation are unpleasant, not as a gruesome insult, but as an installation to fixing it to amazing work. I can still understand it, but not as much.

As for the others, I would like to rate the stupendous looking names of the stories.

Yes, I agree. When I wrote the episode summaries of both the Pilot episode and "Said in Silence" for The Hero Generation, I felt I wasn't giving it my best effort. However, I've immensely began to take the time and write better stories, most likely starting at episode 4, I'd say. And maybe "Breaking Bounds." I guess it depends.

@Bandai of America; Oh, thanks, (if that was a compliment), I know some stories are pretty poor in their English, so there's pretty much room for improvement, on the other hand, other hand, there are other series that are pretty creative as they have their own fan fiction aliens, while others are just a rip off from Ben 10

There is a Wikia for Ben 10 fan fiction (, but I never gave such a link on my blog posts

Anyways, thanks for the encouragement

I may of not written my stories well, but I was one who made some cool aliens :)

rip-off of ben 10 XD

I own that Wikia, btw

Really nightmare? Can you make me an admin? My name's Coolcrix there, btw, what's your name there?

BC, you can't be an admin, you are way too new. And we have too much admins now.

Btw, Nightmare is Duncan Crook there.

And he's the owner of te site?


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