Disney buys Star Wars, Skyfall, and the Iron-Man 3 trailer

Ok, I've been gone for a while, but I'm here and there are a LOT of things to discuss:

I'm pretty sure none of you guys have seen Skyfall, because a: it's not out in the U.S yet, and b: I'm not sure James Bond has a lot of fans on this site. But whatever. Skyfall kicked *ss.

Disney bought Lucasfilm, AND Star Wars Episode VII and Avengers 2 both come out in 2015

Speaking of RDJ and Disney, the trailer for Iron-Man 3 has been here for a week and you guys have probably seen it, but if you haven't:



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Almost every great franchise is getting bought by Disney. >.>

Thanks Disney, now I can expect crap.

Well, probably not IM3 because the trailer is epic, but Disney just loves to ruin stuff.

Anything that's popular is bought by Disney. Soon Disney will buy the government. Then Canada, then everything else until they have the whole world.

They have the money for it.

If Avengers proved anything, it's that if the right people are behind the camera, the studio has nothing to do with it.

The prequel films sucked because George Lucas became a hack. If they hire the right people, Episode VII can be epic.

SKYFALL looks badass, I can't wait to see it on the 9th...The one thing though that bothers me is...the gunbarrel, why the hell is it at the END, not the beginning!?

Well then again...Barbara Broccoli herself said it will vary and this one was just one of those where it had to be at the end.

Heres to Bond 24 (2014) having a gunbarrel at the start AND a little screen time with Miss Moneypenny :P

AND Justice League in 2015


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