I was looking around on this new site i joined called DevinatART and i thought to myself if the art director of Omniverse would have an account there, and low and behold he does:



Oh, and he did metion this about Omniverse (This was posted on August of 2013):  


"Well, we had our story break for the 80th(!!!) episode of Omniverse this week. It feels like a really long time, and no time at all (both at the same time) since we started this show. SO many things are coming at you throughout these next 50 episodes... I almost can't even believe it myself."

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deviantART, and yea, he does, he just doesn't use it often.

Gee, really? I did not know that.

I kinda wonder if there's gonna be more than 80 episodes in Omniverse, I would like to see it reach to 100 episodes. That would be cool, maybe introduce Rocks, Squidstrictor, and more of the Aliens Unleashed characters from Ben 10,000 like Snakepit and Sandbox.

I'm not real sure if Derrick has any plans for 16 year old Ben to use Spitter, but I bet Jetray, ChamAlien, and Fasttrack will return at some point.

There was original plans for ChamAlien to appear in a future episode (don't remember which one) but it got cut because the episode got changed in it's entirety. I'd really like to see Spitter make a comeback, even though he's not that important, it'd be pretty cool to see him in the main universe.

The episode was Universe vs. Tennyson.


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