Yo what up, I've recently gotten back into Ben 10 because???? God Ben 10 was cool... ANYWAYS, I'm probably not gonna be on here daily, but I do wanna talk to y'all again! It's been a long time. I'm into Overwatch super bad rn too. I'm a McCree/Lucio main on PC! Plat ranked. I've been ripping the game models and rigging them for MMD, which has been fun! I'm a big gay for... everyone honestly. Excluding Soldier and Hanzo... just? No.

If you wanna talk to me more often, you can find me frequenting tumblr @RandomDraggon (warning, I do post some NSFW themes! Make sure you have blacklist or savior if you're underaged.)

But anyways! Currently I'm working on a drawing of my old fave- Albedo.

Disgruntled Alien Doesn't Know What Haircuts Are- More at Nine.

Then like, the other day I had drawn some nice Ben who probably woke up from his 4th depression nap.

Ignore my self indulgent headcanons... Curly haired Bens are the best Bens. 

I gotta draw some more Rook and Professor Paradox though, and some aliens maybe. It's been so long I tried to draw Rook from memory and I'm pretty sure I just accidentally drew him as a Galra... whoops. Voltron AU anyone? XD

Anyways, just HMU here if you wanna talk headcanons n stuff, AUs, Crossovers. Whatever. I'm here for ya!

PS: Feel free to use that Ben picture as an icon, just don't claim it as your own or draw on it/edit it in any way please! <3 Make sure you credit me somewhere on your profile and we good fam. 

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Guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back

lmao sup dude, how's life been treatin' ya? 


ugh rain upon me with thy talent please

Cole my love it's been so long oh my god how are you??????

I've been good! - My life has changed significantly since we last talked which was like a bajillion years ago. How are you!?

I have you on Discord, so maybe that'll be a better way to catch up :)

He's not the only one who's returned. Thanks to Google Chrome I'm able to access this site's features. My regular internet wouldn't let me. 


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