seriously no one's paying attention to these

Leave all thoughts, facts and opinions about this alien below.

Astrodactyl omniverse

Powers and Abilites:

Retractable Wings
Propulsion Blast
Energy Whips
Internal star power
Energy Beams
Space Survivability
Enhanced Speed

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Looks cool, he shouldn't be using a jetpack. I also like the fact that he comes from Terradino. I guess that's the planet for dinosaur-like aliens.

He looks cool but he doesn't seem very threatening to me. Like if I was an enemy in the Ben 10 universe, I wouldn't see that and feel threatened/scared.

You're right, he doesn't look very intimidating to me.

I never liked Astrodactyl. If they wanted to make Ben a new flying alien, the least they could have done was not steal Jetray's color scheme.

Never liked him...too obvious of a replace of Jetray


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