Ok Grrungstox here this is a post about my blog about these cool toys which we saw in the toy fair here it is credits to the ultimate blogger for pics.

Not to mesion there is BIG CHILL SNARE OH PAX AND UPCHUCL! Hope you enjoyed leave g comment and view my blog HERE.

new toys

By Grrungstox

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All of these toys look amazing.


Snare-Oh's head looks a bit off. I'll still definitely be getting him. He looks great. But Big Chill is making my panties wet.

That was too far. I apologize

I think his neck is just a little too long.

Release date???


Zombozo, Diamondhead, Astrodayctle and Water Hazard are also somewhere in this wave.

Along with all the Omniplasm toys.

But does anyone care about those?
Didn't think so.

yeah but today only ben 16 year old is release it will take forever till astrodactyl WHY KUALA LUMPUR???!!!

Well Shocksquatch's Omniplasm looked like it came with a hologram.

What are the Omniplasm figures?

A joke.

They're like the Defender line, but it seems like they're now being included with a accessory, as well as a hologram. They're a waste.


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