Ok Grrungstox here this is a post about my blog about these cool toys which we saw in the toy fair here it is credits to the ultimate blogger for pics.

Not to mesion there is BIG CHILL SNARE OH PAX AND UPCHUCL! Hope you enjoyed leave g comment and view my blog HERE.

new toys

By Grrungstox

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Why are you facepalming? He's right. Every official Omnitrix toy that's been made so far is an overgrown brick.

the bigchill im so getting and also upchuck and snare oh

Omnitrix? What Omnitrix? All I see is JUPITER

BigChill, Upchuck, Snare-oh, & Shocksquatch + Omnitrix Shuffle = awesome


You have all got to be kidding me about Big Chill... he looks horrible.

Prototype. But yes, he is too awesome..


  NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET BENMUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I mean Benmummy. 

I don't like the halloween trio's new names, I preffer their original ones.


its his opinion he can call them what he wants not all the names have to be stupid puns


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