Hello everyone, I joined this forum to try and answer a burning question I have. We recently bought some toys online for my nephew, and one in particular we just could not find the name or image of him online anywhere after searching for hours! 

I'm told by my nephew that he is a villian, and he is a blue robot. that's really all i know but i have a picture and i hope someone could help. We're hoping that the toy comes with a name when it gets here but just in case we would really like to know@! 

thanks for any replies it's greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum!

That's Nanomech, he's the alien Ben unlocked in the movie "Ben 10: Alien Swarm". He happens to be the Omnitrix's sample of the nano chips which were used in that movie.

For more information; http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Nanomech

If you need any more help just let me know :)

By the way and I hate to be discouraging...by the looks of those pictures, it seems you may have bought bootlegs as their paint jobs are a little strange, I particularly want to point out the Ultimate Swampfire....

thanks so much for the answer! 

I had no idea about bootlegs of these online, I definitely want the paint and everything to be safe for my nephew. Are there any reputable websites with good deals you could link me to or maybe any store reccomandations for the toys? 

thank you :)

No problem!

As for reputable websites to buy toys from...I recommend eBay (Yes I know, shocking) but if you know where to look, you can actually find some pretty good deals on figure lots (Collections of figures) Of course some may be dinged up a bit and probably won't come with original packaging but that's WAY better than buying Bootlegs...

That's not to say that bootlegs are uncommon on eBay, you just have to know where to look and pay attention to the details in the images.

Another reputable website with literally no deals (It's rare that there's a deal) is Toywiz. Here you'll be buying figures at ridiculous prices but it's worth a look in case there's a rare figure you can't get anywhere else....


Hope I could help! :)


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