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you dont have to be a dick about everything

(He's looking at a mirror)

Go watch Battleship, or Twilight since those are probably your favorite movies.

I haven't watched Battleship but I hear from my friends it pretty terrible.

Is it?

Yes. It's about as bad as a movie based on a board game can get.

...This may sound noobish, but I was grasping on what little possibility there was of Battleship NOT being based on a board game...Apparently it is.

...Oh Hollywood

That alien looks a bit like Crabdozer


Pluss that looks freaking sweet!


About damn time this movie gets recognition here

Looks pretty kewl.

Poster's out as well:

Oh, and yes that was GLaDOS in the trailer.

I can probably post the undated pre-script here if ya'll want. It's not spoilers, it's reading source material.


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