Agent Spectre started this site alone, and she had every intention of keeping it that way. But that incarnation of Ben10toys has been dead for years. A man then came moved it to Ning. His name is Stu Carter, and he's been around since.

This site has been active for years, discussing new Ben 10 episodes and toys amongst other topics. But as the franchise came  to a close, so did this site. It's a dead wasteland. No one ever comes on, and when they do, we're all alone.

I had a mission. To cleanse this site of trolls and enemies. And I succeeded, but at a cost of this site's life.

Maybe sometimes we need a Hector or an Evelin. We need them to keep this site active, to fight them as one, and to have fun doing it. 

This site will revive during the Ben 10 reboot, but that's a long line down the way according to my sources.

This site will die. It's destined to. Fate has a plan... but I have a different one.

What I'm looking for is bigger than each of us. A group. I need volunteers willing to help me fulfill my plan, to revive this site back to it's glory days, and we can do so together.

So please, join me in my crusade for life. After saying that, take note that my crusade for justice is over, but will begin once life is back. After all, what is justice without life?

My name is Anonymous, and I intend on reviving this site, and I need YOUR help.


If any of you see Ben Freecold, tell him that we need to talk.

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Although I do agree with your views, how do you intend to bring the site back to it's glory days? And yes admittedly the trolls bring people together, but we are also much better without them. Also aren't you Ben Freecool?

You need to get on chat as soon as possible, we need to talk.

This site will be revived by around May next year. It will be revived when the new ben 10 show is revealed not wen it airs. But it will never be the same

You, my friend, are a liar


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