Me and my TWIN brother are possibly making Ben and ALbedo costumes for halloween, its gonna be pretty cool, what are u guys gonna dress up as for halloween?

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Finn, and my GF's going with me as Marceline
Hahaha why not PB.
i agree
I second that.
that would kinda be cougarish on pbs part considering shes marceline is way cooler
true, but she is immortal, im pretty sure 1000 is 15 in vampire years or something lol
cool! i was thinking of going as Finn for halloween, but i might just cosplay as Ben or Albedo, or maybe a Scarlett Spider, cuz me and my bro are twins, or generator Rex, cuz i am making smack hands that i have been working on for months:)
Im going in a morph-suit. But i'm adding my own touches to it.
cool! that would be fun to make:) great idea!
me 2

1)You can not borrow me.


3)Use toilet paper for the mummy.

4)If you come to where I live you will see a lot of pedos around.


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