Previously I had NO hype for Batman Vs Superman before, mostly because Man of Steel was disappointing and forgettable, and Zack Snyder and David Goyer were coming back (Though Goyer is mostly to blame for MOS). And then I heard the actors in the running for Batman. The Australian dad in Pacific Rim, Josh Brolin (Who I like, but didn't fit the role of Bruce Wayne IMO), and Orlando f**king Bloom. I was setting myself up for disappointment. And then, this morning they announced the new Batman. And my hype for the film went up 200%. Meet your new Batman:

Hell yeah. This is the best casting DC's done since Anne Hathaway in TDKR. Now I know some people are gonna say 'Oh, he was so good in Daredevil/Armageddon/Pearl Harbor', but remember this man wrote and directed the AMAZING films Gone Baby Gone, and The Town (which Affleck starred in as wall). And he also directed the AMAZING Argo. All of those films are better than ANYTHING Snyder has ever done in his whole life. Not to mention Affleck is pretty f**king versatile as well. He played George Reeves playing Superman in Hollywoodland, where he was great. Hell, I hope Goyer and Snyder get fired and Affleck's hired to direct and write Batman Vs Superman, so then that film will be the best film of 2015. Hell, Affleck already beat the Avengers once in 2012.

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You really need to calm down.

Ohmygod dingus again? AHAHAHAHH

Orlando Bloom was in the running for Batman. Would you be happy if that happened? Also Affleck was great in The Townn and fantastic in Hollywoodland. 

Hector, that was possibly the only time you've commented something like every other member, excluding the dingus part, but you ruined it with the "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRR!".

MoS was great by itself

I wouldn't call that great, more like serviceable/disappointing. MOS gets worse the more you think about it, and that's mostly because of the films bad writing. Now, a movie that is great by itself though?

If DC are smart, they'll fire Snyder and Goyer after MOS/BvsS and hire Ben Affleck to write and direct The Justice League. Hell, at least have Affleck co-write BvsS, he won a f**king oscar for best script when he was 25 years old. Maybe then we'll get some good non-Nolan DC films.

Holy shit Hector is actually acting like a regular member and expressing his opinion correctly.

Aaaaaaaaand I just jinxed it.

sry guis.


Rotten Tomatoes isn't one critic/reviewer. It takes every single critic review (In MOS's case 271) and finds a percentage of how many critics liked it and didn't, as well as an average.

56% of all critics liked MOS. The average score of one of these reviews would be 6.2

On the other hand 96% of all critics liked/loved Argo. I say loved because it's average score was 8.4

Argo is the best reviewed live action studio film since The Social Network, and the best reviewed film of 2012.

And also, almost everyone that saw Argo loved it judging  by its INCREDIBLY high audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, incredible weekend to final gross (showing great word of mouth from the film), and it's three Oscar wins including best picture.

Also it had Bryan "Heisenberg" Cranston in it.

This may be one of the best choices since deciding the The Dark Knight Rises was going to be the last film directed by Nolan (I know I'm going to get flamed here but yeah, respect my opinions) I feel like Ben Affleck may be able to breathe some new life into the character, this is the same on the James Bond actors, each one has brought something different to the table, so hopefully this is the case for Batman. One thing I would LOVE to see is a Bond film directed by Nolan, but not Bond 24 or 25...Hell, not during Craig's tenure as Bond, because Sam Mendes is the best choice for director at this point, Skyfall was amazing IMHO and luckily he's directing Bond 24, but yeah....that's about it. I just went off on a tangent which can't be helped, but yeah I'm excited for Batman VS Superman.

Wow, i was not expecting most of the people on this forum post to have a positive reaction. But, i am excited to see what Affleck brings to the role. I've seen a lot of people judge this WAY too quickly, even my friends. I don't really have much to say about this, i'm excited, i guess. The only thing i have to say is that people should stop judging this way too quickly, look at Heath Ledger. People judged him WAAAAY too quickly before TDK. And i can see Affleck as Batman. Look at DareDevil Director's Cut, It has a few similarities with Batman. That's all i have to say really.

Where's the vodka....


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