does anyone know where to get them?

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I think they might only be in UK or something stupid like that.  But if they're in the United States, I'd try 5 Below.

alrighty, thanks for the help:)

They aren't out for me yet (if they are coming out).  But if your Target has the section with the trading cards and fun erasers at the end of the toy isle, I 'd try there too.  Because that's where I saw Ben 10 Silly Bandz a while ago.

They're available across the UK now! Check your nearest sainsburys.

What about Toys 'R' Us, Asda, tesco or the Entertainer?

I'm not sure if the shops you've mentioned have got their stock in yet, but I know sainsburys definately has. Maybe wait a week or two, because they should hit stores before christmas.

Take the word from me i am in the UK, Well they sell at the entertainer and that's it, they are £2.00 per pack.

I don't really care for them though.

yeah, i would only buy them if i bought something else, and the mini figure could just be a bonus or whatever

Yay, I have a local Entertainer, in CMK.

hey Josh, did u get the new Ben 10 figures yet?- Clockwork and Eatle?

No, he took someone elses pic, which had them in.

ohh,  ok, cuz i really wanna see a review


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