Ben 10 Revival's Toys - No longer made by Bandai?



I can't decide whether this is good news or bad news.

Here's the text if you're too lazy to read the link or if you're on a phone.

Nearly a decade after introducing viewers to a 10-year-old boy who finds a mysterious watch that lets him transform into 10 different super-powered aliens, Cartoon Network is remaking its signature action franchise, Ben 10, with a modern look and feel.

Reimagined Ben 10 content is on the way, with CN and bi-coastal entertainment company Man of Action co-producing a brand-new 2D-animated series (40 x 11 minutes). Slated to begin hitting airwaves in fall 2016 (regions to be determined), the new series is expected to be on air globally by 2017. The show’s new direction gives Ben a more current look, and the storyline, which previously saw him age into his teens and introduced scores of aliens and villains, will go back to the starting line.

“This is more about a global reset,” says Cartoon Network president and GM Christina Miller about the franchise’s rebirth, which will be unveiled at Licensing Show. “Part of it is understanding current audiences and giving them a version of Ben that they can participate in, evangelize, and really make their own on multiple platforms.”

So key to remaking the franchise—which has aired in 178 countries and includes four different TV series and two live-action movies—is aligning it globally. The Emmy-winning property has often been broadcast at different points in its life cycle in various regions. For instance, while kids in the US could have been watching Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010-2012), kids in Brazil might have been into Ben 10: Alien Force (2008-2010). This is one of the reasons why the franchise has had a longer lifespan and been a top performer in many LatAm, EMEA and APAC countries, while it has been shelved domestically in anticipation of the upcoming remake. Moving forward, the plan is to launch content and core licensing categories like toys and interactive across all international regions simultaneously, with a fully coordinated approach.

New digital and mobile products will also support the show’s initial TV launch, and Cartoon Network is working on developing a full-breadth consumer products program targeting all levels of retail. Products from all key categories are planned to launch at retailers everywhere in fall 2017, when new master toy partner Playmates Toys rolls out its Ben 10 range. (Secondary categories like apparel are more regional in nature, and CN’s international licensing teams will work to secure the best partners in specific markets to complement and work in tandem with its global partners.)

If the past is any indication, Cartoon Network can expect big things in the toy market, where its previous master toy partner Bandai sold more than 100 million units of Ben 10 toys. Miller notes that Bandai had been key to the brand’s retail success for the past decade or so, but she explains Cartoon Network decided to appoint El Segundo, California-based Playmates to bring in a fresh perspective and to help drive innovation. “Playmates has been really successful at doing that before, and we are quite excited to work with them on this,” says Miller, who played a central role in creating and executing the initial Ben 10 consumer products program as SVP of Cartoon Network Enterprises.

Miller describes the second iteration of Ben 10 as a natural evolution of the property. “The creative that’s coming next really speaks tonally to kids of today,” she says. “There are a lot of brands in the marketplace that have changed. Cutting through the clutter is always part of the challenge, but we believe in Ben and his points of difference as things we can be successful with.”

You may know Playmates Toys from another one of their famous toy lines since the 1980's - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a TMNT fan myself, I know for a fact that their recent TMNT toys (Released in 2015) have had HORRIBLE paint apps but as always, the actual base figure molds have been great. So I don't know if they'll pass both traits to the new Ben 10 figures, but here's hoping that we'll have larger figures than Omniverse, great articulation and hopefully even a Classics Collection line like the TMNT. (I'm ALWAYS up for super-articulated, collector-focused OS figures.) Now I'm sure the deluxe figures will also get an upgrade (hehe) since the deluxe TMNT figures use advanced technology now (Turtles that talk to each other, screaming while you hold their arms, weapons and turtles that make sounds when you just touch them) but what I'm worried for are the role play toys, such as Omnitrixes and masks. Playmates isn't really known for great roleplay toys, I'm pretty sure the best one they made is the light-up TMNT mask. Which was more or less horrible. I hope they can do well with the Omnitrix, since this is something they've never done before. Overall, I'd rather have Bandai still making Ben 10 Toys, but there's really nothing we can do about it now. Let's just hope Playmates does good with these figures.

*Also I don't think there will be any more rereleases since the older toys are obviously made by Bandai, so there goes our chance of having 10th anniversary OS rereleases. :(

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Ben 10 reboot hype

Don't quite know how to take this news to be perfectly honest. 

Like, the turtles figures look ok, but as long as they don't end up being anything like the latest Avengers figures, I'm probably OK with it.

Like, if they're anything like the OV figures, I'm cool.

The recent TMNT figures have had very basic articulation except for the turtles themselves and incredibly bad paint skip on everything.

Oh dear...

So...what're we going to do on this site for the next two years? :P

What we've been doing for the past year.

Absolutely nothing.

Good riddance to Bandai, honestly. As time has gone on I've thought less and less of everything Bandai has done for Ben 10 except roleplay.

Every single solitary figure had horrible articulation. The best ones were things like Ben and Four Arms, none of which had bicep swivels, wrist swivels, etc. and in Omniverse characters like them had even less articulation than earlier iterations. OV toys were idiotically tiny, too.

Although I can't say I trust any other mainstream toymaker to do Ben 10 justice. Wake me up when S.H. Figuarts is on it. Which is ironically Bandai Japan.

Diamond Select Ben 10 though.

Or Revoltech Ben 10.

Bandai became lazy in the last kick of Ben 10's first life, making the figures tinier and having less articulation.  I'll give Playmates a chance. It's hard to find well done figures lately. Hasbro has become slacking with paint apps and distribution of figures (Star Wars Black Series for example). I'm always open minded for things, and I hope for the best with these future figures. BUT JUST GIVE US AN ANIMO AND PARADOX ALREADY!

I hope the new figures include a new shelf


Took 8 years to build it that big


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