1. A new villian
2. More AUs
3. Personallity changes maybe???
4. Not to screw it up like New 52
5. New Aliens
6. Less humor, more action
7. Seeing as cartoons on Cartoon Network are adding LGBT related things in, I think we need to confirm Gwen as Bi.

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liking your own post is like hi-fiving yourself

Gwen can't be bi, she has Kevin, maybe a new female character can do that. Plus more action? So no plot needed? You want them to throw a car each episode and then credits?


Ways I'd recreate Ben 10

Have ben *edited out cussing* up the time stream and reset everything, ala new 52... also the characters are aged up a bit from OS

Ben Tenneyson is a 14 year old who had the unfortunate luck to gain the Omnitrix (which would look more like a cross between the OS, OV's, and The remade Ultimatrix) during summer time. Along with ben is... Clyde Fife, The man with a prototool and extensive knowledge on every super hero and Clyde's sister Gwen Fife, a Spunky Magician who won't back down (She gets a virus called Anodite by the Thep Khufan, which explains how she can bend mana.)

His aliens include

1. Heatblast

2. Stinkfly

3. Ghostfreak

4. Alien X

5. Buzzshock

6. Gutrot

7. Rath (Think of his OV luchador suit with his normal OV selves head.)

8. Ditto

9. Spidermonkey

10. Molestache

the main Antagonist's would be the Rooters and Vilgax. After Zs'skayr/Ghostfreak separates from ben, I'd add Upgrade to replace him. If a season three ever came, than I'd introduce the Omnitrices fusion option and Albedo (who narrowly escaped the old continuity, now hell bent on murdering ben for destroying all of reality.) 

Designs for Characters

Good Guys:

Ben Tenneyson, age 14, born October 10th

I think He'd look similar to his OV UAF self, but make the Jacket Black, and his shirt Green. He'd have small green lines coming from his Omnitrix, but they'd only go from his wrist to his elbow. Transformations also have a small after effect on ben, the duration of a transformation causes more ill effects... His hair is a nice Chestnut Brown, while his eyes are a Greenish Yellow

Gwen Fife, age 15, born July 9th

a somewhat buff girl who wears a hoodie on top of her OV clothes with the glasses, She'd still have orange hair but her color scheme is more like sunny's, while Her eyes are a Dull Green for a bit in season 1 but after getting infected, her eye color is purple

Clyde Fife, age 17, born May 5th

Basically a less scrawny Clyde... but he now wears an adaptive Proto-Armor than can change shape. His CincTrix/Proto-tool is a bit more stone like, and each armor mode has a bit of rust on it. His hair is a soft Blond while his eyes are hazel. He has a scar on his shoulder from a fight between Vilgax and Max

Bad Guys:

Vilgax, age ??, arrived on earth on July 3rd, 1783

Design is basically this.

Eon, age -35, appeared during temporal paradox date registered as éntekamber, the 32nd

Probably OV's design but with a more UA mask helmet. His hair is jetblack while his eyes are infared/black. instead of the Silver gauntlet on one arm, he'd have a bigger and purple omnitrix that looks like it could use a bit of fixing on his arm.

if i could reboot ben 10, it would be the same. except for one tiny detail. ben would still go on a summer road trip in an rv with his grandpa...except his grandpa would also be his uncle! and it would be uncle grandpa! good idea or great idea?

mr gus, pizza steve, and giant realistic flying tiger would be there too of course. maybe gwen.

no one likes you.

This will sound mean, but not every show needs someone whose gay/bi/trans/whatever-else-tumblr-has-come-up-with



it's a fad, just a bigger fad... like how every show has to be noodle arms


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