As you may already know, Paradox stated in Ben 10, 000 returns, that these parallel worlds of different Ben 10's cant interfere, but what if a new threat so big arrives that Paradox creates his own universe called the Omniverse where these Ben 10's can team up and fight off each threat, and maybe the show has something to do with Eon, although he was defeated, I just have a feeling he might have something to do with the show

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and what if there is different versions of Ben, just like our fan fictions?  

what if we could actually send in our fan fictions for the show!:)

huh, I never thought of that

Nice Theory I would love to see that and maybe it could have people who's online characters look like Ben be versions of him just an idea.

thanks, and that sounds cool!:) yeah, there could be different versions of Ben and stuff, but they arent Ben, they are different people with similar powers from different universes

exactly that would make it actually sound cool I hope they do something like this

if my theory is correct, then i would absolutely love this show!

uhhhhh....what? :S



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