According to Stu Carter and Cartoon Network, There will be a brand new Ben 10 Series next year.


This what Cartoon Network said:


"New Ben 10 Series [Title TBD]: Ben 10 has been one of Cartoon Network’s most successful original series since first premiering on the network in January 2006.  The franchise has since spawned four animated series, one animated movie, two live-action movies, a widely-popular consumer products line and has captured the imaginations of viewers on a global scale."


the important thing is "one animated movie, two live-action movies"


2 live action movies? so does that mean there wont be any UA Live action movie?


But they didnt say anything about Ben 10 UA wont be having a live action movie.


and Because Dwayne Mcduffie is gone (which is sad), There will be a new Director/Writer or Glenn will take over as the new Director/Writer.


Plus, There will be a Ben 10 - Generator Rex Cross Over.


and about the Rumor that Ben 10 will be canceled, It is not true.



Ben 10 - Gen Rex Crossover

Cartoon Network 2012

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OMG cool!
ok with dwayne being gone and a new writer taking his place, i hope the show becomes even better!...... and a ben 10 generator rex crossover?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?   OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
I found this stuffs on Cartoon Network's Note
did you guys read the part about ninjago
there was no ninjago part ya turd
yeah there was in the second link
Yes i did
by two live movies they mean ben 10 race against time and alien swarm

Well, I don't think that's proof that there's going to be no UA live action movie, seeing as there are two confirmed animated movies, Secret of the Omnitrix and Alien Dimensions. I think that was just talking about the ones that have been released thus far, thank goodness. >W>


Also, I can't wait for all this! 8DDDDD Especially the crossover. That's gonna be E-PIC~  And hopefully will give us some insight on how alternate universes work in the Ben 10 universe, since the GR backstory requires them to be in different realities.



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