Heeeyyy Ben 10 fans!
Agent Ben 10 Dude Reporting!

So, as you may have noticed, i've changed my profile pic, to an awesome ben 10 destroy all aliens pic!

Well, thats because....I've GOT BEN 10 DESTROY ALL ALIENS FEVER!

I live in Australia, and on the aussie cartoon network, they keep showing ads for ben 10 destroy all aliens and I cant possibly wait! It looks so awesome! As you probably know, it was animated in Malaysia! The plot is, Ben attends an intergalactic alien training school, but is numerously attacked by an evil, exttremely powerful galvanic mecamorph. The movie even has tetrax! The new trailer is below!

http://www.cartoonnetwork.com.au/minisite/ben10-destroy-all-aliens/ (it should start when you get to the site) 

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Isn't it gonna come out like May 3rd

in australia, its coming out march 11, may 3rd for the u.s (i live in australia) BOOO-YAAA

Australians Rule. (I 'm from WA)

awesome, im from Sydney!


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