Post An Alien like this 


Name: Lucky Clover

Species: Trifýlli

Home Planet: Virens

Powers: Power Absorbtion



Best 1 maby 2 Will be 3rd season Aditionals in Will 10 (


Good Luck!

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Name: Absorption

Species: Osmosian

Home Planet: Osmos

Powers: Can absorb any powers

the eye on the left is still red

name kai

species human

home planet earth

powers controls fire

Name: GIR

Species: Irken Planetary Offense System (G.reat I.rken R.OBOT)

Homeworld: Irken Empire

Powers: Super Computer brain, total war weapon; able to equip multiple ranged weapons at joints.


Name: Bio-Kraab

Species: Piciss Premann

Home Planet: Piciss

Powers: Shoots energy beams and bubble bombs


ultimate devilian





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