Is anyone out there good enough at drawing to mimic the Original Series artstyle (And, if so, preferrably in Vectors with transparent backgrounds)? I have a plan for something special, in honor of the show's 10th Anniversary later this year.

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Since I loved the original series so much, I've featured your discussion. I've also done so because your name and icon are also part of my childhood.

(I absolutely loveeee Code Lyoko)

To explain things a bit further, what I want to do is make either a Poster or a Wallpaper, featuring every Alien from the Original Series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, but in the OS Artstyle (Which includes the Omnitrix badge being moved to a different location than the chest for several of them).

As for Ben himself, I'm not sure whether to have all 3 Major Forms of Ben (OS, UAF and OV), or a Fusion of all 3 in the middle.

I'm almost tempted to make the idea reminiscent of the Poster from the Season 1 DVD by Brian McGee.

That's appalling.

I laughed though.

You're referring to his Jeremie edit, right?



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